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At SR Dairy, we bring you pure milk. Simply put, milk is taken from the healthy cows, put into the storage tanks, packed, and delivered to the customer. Within minimal time you will enjoy the goodness of fresh milk. What is special as there is no added preservatives or anything extra in it.


Cream and Butter

We are actively known for manufacturing and supplying the best butter. Our team has done the proper market research to make use of the approved technique for butter production. You can get the milk in the packaging of the paper packet and plastic box with a shelf-life of 18 months. It is sure that our product is the most reasonable in the market.



Indian sweets are highly-popular all across the globe. Well, there are a broad assortment of sweet delicacies that are not complete until khoya is used. Khoya is made from cow and water buffalo milk. When our product is added into any sweet or dessert it is going to enhance the taste and make it more enriched.



Paneer is a high protein food and contains a high level of dietary fiber which helps in improving digestion metabolism. Our main focus is to deliver the Paneer of the best quality and prepared under the hygienic conditions. At SR Dairy, we make sure a stringent method of checking is followed so that the end-user gets the assured product.



Ghee is an important addition to many Indian delicacies. 100% pure Desi Ghee is the best product of the SR Dairy. Our dairy ensures that we give quality products. We use the latest technology and packing material which helps us to deliver the nutritious product to the end-user. We provide ghee products in different packaging.


Fish farming

Fish farming is the type of aquaculture in which fish is raised in an enclosed environment to make them sold as food. This is the most growing and increasing part of animal food production. At SR Dairy, we make sure to follow the right approach and maintain the hygienic environment to the fish.

Welcome To Our Farm!

SR Dairy has been evolved in the Dairy Business for many years. We take pride in being India’s most prominent dairy manufacturer, supplier, and exporters in supplying the surplus range of dairy products. We focus on improving the living standard of the people and helps them follow a healthy lifestyle.

Our team is religiously following the ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP standards for further growth are the competent dairy areas. We provide a wide range of dairy and milk products to cater to the needs of different age groups. At SR Dairy, we keep a balance between System, Technology, and human resource so that the dairy business quality standards are met.

Feature Products!

You will get the pure and fresh dairy product from SR Dairy. Our team takes all the responsibilities of the goods. All the deliveries are 99.9 percent on time with affordable pricing possible. Most importantly, quality is not compromised.


Buffalo Milk

Desi Cow Milk

Goat Milk

Milk Processing

During Milk processing, all the milk collected should have nutritional value and prevent harmful effects caused by different factors. Also, the farm needs to keep up with the industry standards for milk safety. At SR Dairy, we make sure the milk is pasteurized at the right temperature and then comes the separation & homogenization. Milk is fortified by adding liquid vitamins. Before the milk is flavored quality control test is done and then packaged according to the requirement. We are sure that you and your entire family will enjoy the goodness of natural milk with every sip.

About Us

Our Story

We have been in the market since 2006 and have been manufacturing & supplying the dairy products tested and approved as per the quality standards. Our team follows the approach of authenticity. We aim to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price to the end-user. Our dairy products are 100% fresh and pure be it raw dairy or any other finished product. We majorly have products like raw milk, butter, ghee, khoya, and paneer. Being a promising company, we are excelling on a large scale with a vision to serve the food lover with natural dairy products.


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The SR Dairy blogs bring you awareness news about dairy farming, nutrition, health, recipes, and other dairy-related information.

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