Welcome to SR Dairy

SR Dairy was started with the aim to give quality dairy products. We follow the approach of healthy food and healthy people. Our health professionals and our entire team are continuously working on manufacturing and supplying fresh milk & milk products.

Bringing Dairy to Life!

We are committed to working on our vision of ‘Bringing Dairy to Life’. SR Dairy offers a wide range of milk products like fresh milk, butter, ghee, organic vegetables, and nutritious cattle feed. The company is rapidly working on making a change in the dairy sector for the last many years. Our team makes sure the latest technology and dairy standards are followed so that the end product is best and pure. The continuous growth reflects the trust of the customers in our quality products and on-time service offered by our team. 

To that, we also work on providing the end consumer with the latest dairy industry news, nutritional information, and different recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Core Values

  • Truly Dedicated to the customers
  • Understand the Quality
  • Focus on advancement and improvement of Who work with us
  • Focus on Time
  • Focused on Up-to-date technology, creative thinking, and dynamic solutions