What is the Process, Standard, Quality and Monitoring process of the Dairy Industry?

Effectiveness of Dairy Processing Dehradun

What is the Process, Standard, Quality and Monitoring process of the Dairy Industry?

SR Dairy Dehradun: Milk is considered the most valuable food that contains a higher amount of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. It is consumed by millions of people all across the globe. Although, you can get raw milk directly from numerous dairy farms or milk processing plants. Milk consists of lactose, calcium and more important minerals that help you in building your overall body.

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Milk Processing includes the following equipment:

1. Milk Tanks: These are some of the most important components that are used in almost every milk processing plant. It is primarily used to store skimmed, semi-skimmed and raw milk effectively. There is a wide category of tanks that are used in processing milk and make it more beneficial for the individuals. Tanks such as Pre-stack tanks, milk tanks, and mixing tanks are used most widely for the betterment of milk.

2. Pasteurization: The second step that includes milk processing is pasteurization. It is often as a heating treatment in which a product is heated at some sort of temperature to decrease overall enzymatic activity and destroy all the pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, this all is done with the help of pasteurizers. In addition to this, the main objective of the pasteurization process is to make dairy products safer.

3. Separation: Once the pasteurization process is done, separators come into play in the overall milk processing. The separation process boosts the overall performance of Milk skimming by protecting from destructive or unhealthy air.Moreover, it involves the continuous centrifugal separation of solid particles that are enlisted below:

  • Separation of Cream
  • Separation of Bactria.

Thus, the overall fat content is removed with the help of separators and can be controlled effectively.

4. Homogenization:In the last step of the milk processing, homogenization occurs. This process doesn’t complete by including homogenizers. This helps to get different product variety and also enhances the entire texture, viscosity and taste of a dairy product named Cream. It also protects the cream line in the milk products.

These are the most important steps in Milk processing.

Quality Measures in the Dairy Industry

Maintaining the best quality of Dairy products in the Dairy industry is very important. An effective system named as HACCP is introduced that is used to check the overall quality of the food products. It is considered the best quality control methods. It also used to limit the acceptability of the products. Validating the critical limits. An automatic pump is stopped at one point above 6 degrees celsius.