Cattle Feed

Cattle feed in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

At SR Dairy Dehradun, we believe in giving the best environment to the animals along with healthy nutrition. We make sure the health of the cows is not compromised in any manner. Therefore, with the help of the experts, we are proud to be the Best Cattle Feed Manufacturers in the dairy sector.

Our quality cow feed helps in forming a healthy microflora in the gut and rumen which makes the nutrient intake effective. None of our products contain any byproduct or artificial ingredient. We are well-known in manufacturing naturally sourced ingredients. The use of the latest and up-to-date methods helps to make the cattle feed cost affordable. All over the world, we have our trusted clients who always prefer to buy cattle feed from our dairy.

Benefit of buying our nutritious cattle feed for the Dairy Animals

  • Healthy Animals
  • Increased Milk Yield
  • Increase in Fertility
  • Less Feet Problems
  • Reduction in Loss of Calves due to Diarrhea
  • Shorter Calving to Calving Period
  • Optimizes pH levels
  • Probiotic Enzymes help in Organic Milk Production
  • Supports enzyme activity and activates digestions

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