Aquaculture and Fish Farming in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

SR Dairy: Aquaculture (Fish Farming) has become very famous in Dehradun, India which is referred to as fish farming. It involves raising a fish in the tanks, ponds, or other enclosed systems to produce food. Biofloc fish farming has become a profitable business venture throughout the world.

Fish is considered as a rich source of protein that the human body needs the most. The price and demand for fish and fish products have increased in the last few years with the rapid growth in population. 

At SR Dairy, we make sure to follow the set protocols and standards related to the fish farming business. Our team makes sure every step is taken in the right manner. This involves selecting the appropriate farmland or area, pond construction, type of fish farm, feeding, choosing the fish species, harvesting, marketing, along with care and management.

The professionals and the entire team make sure a good environment is maintained in the pond. It helps the fish to live and grow properly. This is the reason, we have achieved our goal of better production, maximum profits, and building our trust in our customers for a long time.

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