Dairy Ghee in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

SR Dairy is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in giving pure ghee. We have our trusted customers of the cow ghee in the Domestic and International Market. SR Dairy ghee is pure, authentic, and odorless made from cow milk. Our team makes sure that the quality of ghee is not compromised in any way which makes us the best as the Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Best desi ghee is clarified butter and its intake does not result in any type of allergy or infection. Desi cow ghee helps in strengthening the immune system and also increases the energy levels. It is commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, Indian subcontinent cuisine, religious rituals, and traditional medicine.

Our experienced and trained team of lab experts take special care while processing the desi ghee. With every step of processing, a quality check is done which also helps in making the ghee price affordable for the end-user. At SR Dairy you can also get different ranges like vanaspati ghee and dalda ghee. The pure cow ghee price is anywhere between Rs 1700-3000 per kg. In the same way, 1 kg ghee price in a jar is around Rs 450.

There are different types of packing done for the same which the customer can get according to their need. Our pure ghee meets the customer requirement and suitability which makes us their first choice.

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