Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

SR Dairy: Organic vegetable farming in India has grown in the agriculture system without the need for using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is done for environmental safety and a socially responsible approach.

At SR Dairy, the vegetables are grown on the lands which are not contaminated and it does not contain the toxic chemicals which are not fit for consumption. With the recent growth, we have become the best Organic vegetable supplier in the market with the quality standard we follow.

Nowadays, customers are in search of organic vegetables near me for their health. This is the reason at SR Dairy we have started creating awareness among people to buy organic vegetables because of the various health benefits it provides.

The Government of India has started the NPOP which involves standards for organic production, certification bodies, and different ways to promote organic farming. Our team follows all these standards which help us to deliver the best quality organic vegetables and also the organic vegetable price becomes affordable. The natural color and fresh organic vegetables are something you cannot miss out on.

Best quality service

  • We produce and export exotic organic vegetables to different farms.
  • A proper quality check is done before sending the vegetables.
  • Regular visits and inspection are done at the dairy farm.
  • We are passionately working on growing healthy food which is completely natural.

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