What Are The Different Types Of Milk Products Available In The Market?

Types of milk products

What Are The Different Types Of Milk Products Available In The Market?

Milk is one of the most healthy and tasty drinks enjoyed by people of every age group. Well, there are different milk and milk products available in the market like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and many other food items. The best part of milk products is that they are full of flavour and less or more milk-colored. In case, they are flavoured with ingredients it’s hue or colour will change like chocolate in ice cream or annatto in cheese.

Checking the Desserts

Toffee contains chocolate, butter, and pudding & milk which has a milk base. It is best for baked goods like butter and milk. But, many baked goods have hidden milk-based ingredients.

Like for ice cream, we all know it contains milk, but gelato is less obvious and traditionally it contains milk. Dessert with whipping cream contains milk which is the cream part.

Food Prepared with Cheese

Milk is present in dishes that contain cheese as its main source. Lasagna contains mozzarella and ricotta and on the top parmesan cheese is present.

The dish made of traditional roux also has milk and butter. Its examples are creamed corn and scalloped potatoes. The eggplant parmesan contains cheese in different layers. Macaroni and Cheese also have milk as its main ingredient.

Mashed potatoes are made with butter and processed meat which has dairy products. If the product is labelled as dairy-free or vegan then it becomes easy for the end consumer as they do not have to go through the entire list.

Milk Substitution

If you want to cook a meal or bake something dairy-free then you can find different recipes for the same, even if they are prepared with dairy products. In the past couple of years, the milk substitute has improved a lot in the market which makes it easy for the consumer to enjoy dairy-free products. There are options like:

  • Rice milk
  • Hemp milk
  • Soy milk
  • Almond Milk

No doubt, the flavour of these milk substitutes is not the same as milk. Moreover, all these options are different from each other. According to your taste and preference, you need to try them and choose the best one.

Sorbet is a frozen dessert that is dairy-free along with fresh ripe fruit is the perfect delight in the hot weather. Not only does it taste perfect but it is a healthier option also as compared to the baked products.

So, it is clear that milk and dairy products are available in different options in the market. While buying the product you need to be careful from whom you are buying these products.