What do you mean by Compound Cattle Feed?

Importance of Compound Cattle Feed in Milk Production

What do you mean by Compound Cattle Feed?

Typically, a compound cattle feed is a mixture of several feed Ingredients in an appropriate proportion. The most commonly used ingredients are grains, protein, brans, meals, chunnies, minerals, and most commonly vitamins. It is an economical source of concentrated supplements. It comes in the form of mash, crumbles, and cubes.

What are the Main Ingredients of Compound Cattle Feed?

Following are some main Ingredients of Cattle Feed:

  1. Grains: Maize, Wheat, Rice, Oats, Barley, and Ragi.
  2. Brans: De-oiled Rice bran, polished rice, maize bran.
  3. Protein: Soybean meal, cottonseed meal, and groundnut meal/cake, kardi meal/cake and guar meal.
  4. Minerals/ Vitamins: Mixture of Minerals, Calcite powder, salt, di-calcium phosphate along with Vitamins A, D, and E.
  5. Chunnies: Guar, tur, urad, moong and chunnies of other pulses & grains for a better feed.
  6. Agro-Industrial products: Babul, Tamarind seed powder, extraction of mango kernel. Phosopis and lots more.

Why Compound Cattle Feed is Important for Milk Production?

The involvement of cattle feed in the dairy processing plant is very important as it boosts up the milk production level.

Here are some of the factors that describe the importance of Compound Cattle feed:

  • It consists of Protein, energy minerals and essential vitamins for the better maintenance, growth of animals as well as milk production. It is quite beneficial for pregnant animals to feed an extra amount of cattle feed as it is good for the overall development of Foetus.
  • When it gives to the domestic animals especially Cows and Buffaloes, it improves reproductive efficiency and milk production along with the fat amount in milk.
  • Growing animals should be fed up to 1.5 kg of cattle feed regularly.
  • Milking animals or domestic animals should consume 2kg of cattle feed daily for the betterment of their body.
  • Giving a mixture of 1 kg compound cattle feed and a good quality oil cake to the pregnant animal is best suited especially during the last two months.

It is very cheaper and essential for animals. If they consume high-quality Cattle feed, they can produce a higher amount of milk with a good fat rate.

Quality Control Measures

Every raw material of cattle feed is tested properly & safely in the laboratory before finalizing it for the production. The untested raw materials of cattle feed are rejected. After manufacturing cattle feed, it is then tested again for the quality check and after numerous tests, the feed is then passed or ready for dispatch. Thus, the product of improper quality is then re-generated.

What are the Salient Features of Compound Cattle Feed?

  • A compound cattle feed can be fed according to the Milk production level.
  • The overall Composition of Cattle feed can be adjusted as per the requirements of Animals. It can also be settled as region-wise and season wise.
  • The regular use of cattle feed helps in increasing the overall growth of the young calves.
  • If pregnant animals fed up an equivalent amount of Cattle feed then the calves are born healthier.